Monday, June 18, 2018

Full Moon 2 (Short Cap)(Series)(Gif)

The heat in my body built up and up until I could barely keep composed. I wheezed and moaned as my body changed, my hair growing out, my stomach and butt softening until a pressure started to build up under my jacket. I couldn't control it as the softness pushed out and out and eventually I just ripped it open and watched stunned as two big breasts wobbled free.

I couldn't believe it, I was a least for the night of the full moon, I would turn back tomorrow but...damn this was unexpected. Dad walked over, his own big tits wobbling around with each step and said I should turn back at sunrise, and that I should expect this to happen on every full moon from now on.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Full Moon 1 (Short Cap) (Series) (GIF)

Dad called me to his room one night saying he had something important to show me. I was a little pissed since it was my birthday but I complied. When I got there he opened his window's curtains and started talking. He said that he was something called a Werewoman, and on full moons he turned into a woman for the night.

I thought this was just another of his lame jokes, but then he started moaning. Suddenly his hair was getting longer and his shirt was stretching out like he was smuggling balloons that had started to fill. His face shifted a bit and soon he let out a big moan as two big breasts burst free.

"Ha...ha..." she panted cupping them "See."

"Wha-why." I gasped "You...why did you show me this?"

"Because it's your birthday, you're finally coming of age as a werewoman." she said.

"What are you-HMM!" I started to feel warm all over.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Getting Away From Work (Short Cap)

My husband is a workaholic, all he ever cares about is his job but it always stresses him out. I finally convinced him to take some time off and clear his head with me. I booked up a trip to Swap Island but when we got there I ended up in the body of a younger guy while he was in some college girl with a serious booty. I was sure he was going to want to go home, especially when I woke up on the first day and he was already out of bed, I was worried he was trying to use his phone and call work or something, but thankfully he was just grabbing a cup of coffee and watching the boat come in with the latest group of vacationers. 

Apparently just being in this body made him feel refreshed and he was looking forward to the week now, he already had a bikini on and everything. Of course I loved that he was relaxing, and my body loved how good he looked, but I would bring up the prospect of that later.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Best Friends Boat (Story)

When I first got diagnosed with Second puberty things got awkward between my and my friend Mark real quick, here I was becoming a pretty sexy girl and our friendship which we had since second grade was getting awkward, neither of us were sure how to react to each other.

I was thinking things were turning around when he invited me to spend an afternoon on his parents boat,, we'd go out on the bay, have a few drinks, stuff like that. Since I was a girl now I was wearing girl's clothes, and since it was hot I was putting on a bikini, one that hugged my ass. I guess Mark wasn't expecting that since he was clearly uncomfortable and honestly I was kinda too, there was something cute about how flustered he got.

"Alright enough." I flipped my long hair back and wiggled my hips "Go ahead."

"What?" he gasped.

"If you like my ass so much go ahead and do whatever you want, smack it, squeeze it, what ever you want dude it's all yours."

He clearly wasn't sure at first is I was yanking his chain or now, but before long his hands reached out and gave my behind a squeeze enough to make me gasp.

"Dude your ass is insane." he jiggled it softly, giving it light smacks.

"Hmm, oh fuck that feels good." I moaned  back as he slid my bottoms to the side, his hand rubbing my pussy "Mmm!"

His hands were exploring the inside of my crack, a finger rubbing my wet slit as I saw him pulling his trunks down and lining up.

"Oh do it." I smirked "You talked a big game about all the chicks you laid, time to see if you live up to the talk."

"I'm no liar babe." he pushed into me.

"HAAA!" I let out a loud moaned and gripped the side of the boat as he held my hips and I adjusted to his size.

Mark started pounding me from behind, my ass clapping against his crotch as her fucked me, I was still barely able to believe that my first fuck as a girl was coming from my friend on a boat in the middle of the water.

"HMM Fuck yes!" I moaned pulling the cup of my bikini over to to let my right D-cup tit wobble as her got fuck "Ha...OHH!"

"Dude...UGH!" Mark groaned as his cock splurted inside me "That was incredible."

"It was." I smirked sitting in his lap as he rubbed my ass "I'm glad we got that tension out...but we've got the boat all day right?"

He seemed to be catching on since his cock was getting hard agaisnt my thigh.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Family Through Thick and Thin

In some freak twist of fate my Dad and I were both diagnosed with Second Puberty around the same time. One Positive is that it was less awkward since we both were becoming girls together. Though we both became very different girls, I was much slimmer with long legs and a slender frame, Dad on the other hand was on the thicker side with a sizable rear and large breasts. Suddenly our house went from Two guys and a girl to just all women.

Mom, who had been a photographer, convinced both of us to pose for a magazine shoot she was doing. Dad and I were both nervous but...we looked good and the face that we were so popular was great too.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Summer Loving (Short Cap)

When this Summer started I was really looking forward to spending some time with my boyfriend. Well those plans changed on day two when he told me he'd been diagnosed with Second Puberty and he was going to turn into a girl. I was taken aback but I wanted to be supportive and promised to be there for him.

Little did I know he was going to turn into such a babe he grew quick too, having a decent bra size by 4th of July., I never thought I was a lesbian but seeing him swim around and walk out of the water in a tiny bikini top was just dream like, he was hot as a guy, but holy crap he was gorgeous as a woman.

BTW I'm with a group

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Gym In Town (Short Cap)

A Few Months ago a new Gym opened up in town, Jay was never one for working out but they had a good deal so he signed up. It was a great place, no one really judged, the juice bar was cheap and they even had personal trainers and work out programs that would recommend diets and plans for you. His trainer Mike was so nice, teaching him about good supplements and drinks that could supercharge his workouts.

"Jay are you sure that gym is a good idea?" his friend Ryan asked.

"I've never felt better since I started going to that gym, I'm telling you you need to come with me some time." Jay took a drink from a power shake "Now, ready to go for a run?"

What Jay, and a majority of the new gyms clientele, hadn't realized is that the cocktails of nutrients, supplements and power drinks were getting them in better shape but not in the way they thought, they were softening, growing more feminine and barely noticing it. They would get more sexual and flirty, seeming to not even be fully aware they'd turned into women, even when having sex.

"Alright." Jay bent down to tie his sneakers, his ass pushed back for Ryan to see "Hope you can keep up." 

The TG Gym was fully in the town, and the craze was spreading across the country.

Guys Weekend (Story)



 It was spring break so some friends were going on vacation, Chris, Kyle, Mark and Liam were going to Swap Island for their break, deciding to sample some other ways of life for a couple of days.

Once they arrived they were each taken to another room where they were put to sleep for their transfer, they knew to meet up in their hotel room so they'd find each other soon.

Chris was was the first one to wake up but he was quite surprised, he was a girl a pretty sexy one at that.

He was hot, big breasts, long flowing hair, wide waist, he was his own living wet dream. When he got to the hotel it turned out he wasn't the only one to turn into a girl, all four of the guys had changed genders, but they weren't going to let that ruin their weekend, even if they did all keep checking each other out.

After sundown they guys went up to the top floor pool, each wearing sexy bikinis that showed off their bodies. Mark was sitting across from Chris, dipping his thick legs into the pool. Mark's body was attractive the tan on his skin was arousing.

Liam was the one most embarrassed by his body since it had the skimpiest clothes, a thong like bottom and big breasts that bounced all around, he was no prude but it was a little embarrassing.

Lastly was Kyle who seemed the most pleased with his female form, happy to swim around with his big breasts and blonde bombshell body. He was also the one trying to get the other guys to loosen up the more.

When they decided to turn in for the night after swimming and drinking the guys all had one problem, they were horny and sharing a room with three other sexy women.

"Come on guys." Kyle pulled the strings to drop his bikini top "We've got these bodies all weekend, so let's enjoy ourselves."

"These aren't our bodies though." Liam said.

"That only makes it more fun." Kyle kissed his cheek and squeezed his breasts "Don't be a baby."

Next to them Chris and Mark were already laying on a bed making out, rubbing each others bodies.

"You've got such big tits." Mark kissed Chris.

"You're one to talk with this ass." Chris spanked him playfully, butt jiggling around.

 Kyle and Liam soon joined them, all four swapped bodies, squeezing, kissing and rubbing each other all over. Soon the boys were laying in a row, each reaching over to rub and finger each other's pussies.

"OH MY GOD!" Liam screamed orgasmically as Chris and Kyle each fingered his pussy, his own arms next to them pleasuring their privates.

Kyle was left most, fingering Liam and rubbing one of his tits, Liam was next to him pumping his digits into both Kyle and Chris, Chris was doing the same to Liam and Mark while Mark was on the right end masturbating Chris and himself.

All the boys were screaming and squirting out juices, pleasured with their choice of vacation.

Staying In Shape (Short Cap)

I had grown up with a single father, not that it was a big deal. My Dad had always been pretty out of shape, so I worked out a lot to try and not end up like him. So then when he was diagnosed as a Late Bloomer with Second Puberty he started to get back in shape to, not entirely barbecue he wanted to but because his biology was changing. So soon all his extra weight went to his lower body, giving him thick thighs, and an ass.

Apparently he liked this new look and wants to go on runs with me so that he doesn't get out of shape and lose his new looks. I'm not really complaining since watching him stretch and run is a good treat.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Won't Change a Thing (Short Cap)

"Jeez what the fuck took you so long?" Chris asked as I walked up to him.

"What are you wearing?" I gasped a bit.

"Clothes." he said "Dude just cause I'm a chick now doesn't mean that I'm gonna let shit change, now are we gonna go rock or what?"

Chris was my bandmate, we were in a rock band that preformed all the time until we had to take a break when he got Second Puberty. We knew things were gonna change since Chris was the singer and his voice had obviously changed so we had to rework a few songs but...we sounded better than ever and with Chris new look we had a chance to break out.

"Come on, lets get on the stage." Chris walked off "I'm gonna show off more than just my voice."

"Don't screw us and take your top off." I laughed.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bigger is Better (Short Cap)

I liked petite girls, always had ever since i was young and started to like girls. So when i was diagnosed with Second Puberty I was horrified when my chest started to grow, and grow...and grow. Before I even finished my transition I had massive sweater puppies. Then something even stranger happened I started having big breasts. The bouncing, the jiggling, the swaying, the softness and fullness all of it was, kinda hot. I guess what they say is true and bigger is really better.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Staying Together (Short Cap)(GIF)

When I was first diagnosed with Second Puberty one of the first thoughts in my mind was what would happen to the relationship I had with my girlfriend Kelsey. I didn't think she would be into girls just because I had become one, but strangely she said the idea of me changing was kind of hot to her, she had a Second Puberty Fetish.

She ended up getting a little jealous cause my boobs were a little bigger, but after that she said she wanted to try some things out. I still think it's kinda wild that she convinced me to double throat a two sided dildo with her, I was actually shocked how much I was able to get into my mouth for someone who hadn't really sucked a cock before.

Now though she says she wants to see me with the real deal, I'm a little nervous but she says I'll like it, apparently her little brother has a Second Puberty Fetish too.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Fitting in with Sis (Short Cap)

My Sister and I never really got along all that well, we didn't hate each other but we weren't best friends or anything. But then I suddenly got Second Puberty and things changed. I had a tough time at first but strangely she was there for me, supporting me teaching me how to take care of my body and do girly things, she even taught me how to put on a bra.

So when the changes finally stopped and I became the blonde bombshell you see here she took me out to celebrate, for the first time I felt confident saying my sister was my best friend.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Trip with Dad Part 3 (Short Cap)(Series)

The Vacation was almost over, but the uncomfortable tension between Johnny and his Father Kevin had finally started to boil over. Both had cuaght each other sneaking peaks and checking each other out, until it couldn't be avoided.

When Johnny came back from the pool one afternoon he was in for surprise, his father's curvy body on a bed in nothing but a thin nighty. His father explained how they'd both been feeling and agreed that since they were in other bodies it wasn't really like that bad, and besides what happens on Swap Island can stay on Swap Island.

Johnny jumped to the bed and happily railed into the girl, he hadn't had much sex but Kevin was shocked how tender Johnny was, so much so he regretted waiting till the last day of the trip to do this, but then again...they could always come back next year.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I can't believe I did this (Short Cap)

Going through Second Puberty in College was certainly an experience, with all the partying and stuff I never bothered getting down about it, it wasn't like I could stop it. Soon I was adjusting fine, flirting with guys and girls alike and not being afraid to show off my body which had some serious boobage going on.

Then one night at a party an a local apartment I had a few too many and when I woke up the next morning I was not only hungover, but my tits were sore as hell, one look in the mirror and I figured out why, I guess in my drunken partying I let someone piece my nipples. It wasn't all that bad, after the pain left a few hours later I kinda liked it, my nipples felt good so I snapped a pic and popped it up online.

Trip with Dad Part 2 (Short Cap)(Series)

This Trip wasn't just awkward for Johnny. His Father, Kevin, was living a strange way now too. For the rest of this trip he was a woman, and a gorgeous one at that. He knew this was a possibility when he booked the trip but he hadn't expected it to happen, for him to become a woman and Johnny to be so...handsome in his Trip Body.

He had no problems living as this girl, she was pretty and it wasn't hard to manage her looks. The real problem came in that he and his son were sharing a room, and that made things awkward. The times he forgot he was a woman and walked out with no shirt on, his large breasts bouncing about certainly caused a stir. For him though the issues usually came up at night, Johnny wasn't really quiet in taking care of himself while his Father slept, and the thought of a young man masturbating so close certainly sent Kevin's Trip Body Spinning. Things were strange for sure, but the trip was fun.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Trip with Dad Part 1 (Short Cap) (Series)

Johnny was looking forward to a trip with his Dad, they were going to Swap Island and he was hoping to get the chance to try living as a girl for the trip, but that didn't happen. He instead ended up in a young, hot blooded young football player from the Midwest, but his father was in the body of a gorgeous PAWG model. So the first issue was that the two had to spend their whole vacation in bodies that looked more like overs than father and son, and they had to share a room, which meant every night Johnny, in his horny teenage boy body, had to sleep close to a living wet dream. It was a dream come true and a nightmare all at once.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Moving Away (Short Cap)(GIF)

A Friend of my, Peter, had moved away suddenly a year or so ago. We kept in touch but just via texts and online chats. Then one day he called me kinda out of the blue and asked if I would help him test out a new webcam and we could video chat.

Of course I was shocked when the screen showed a girl, I demanded to know what was up and he explained that just before he moved he'd gotten Second Puberty and his parents were moving for  a new job so he took a fresh start as well. Then he said I should see all of the new him and he stood up and showed me one of the best asses I'd ever see, then he dropped another bomb, he'd be back in town in a week or two and really wanted to "Catch up" apparently I've been on his mind for a while. Soon I was eagerly counting the days till he got here.

New Hobby (Short Cap)(Gif)

Chris had always been nerdy, into video games, anime and the like. He was a frequent convention goer and loved the cosplay girls, so one he learned he had Second Puberty he was really able to embrace his hobby, making sexy outfits to show off his attractive form, especially his ample rear which, as you can see in the above clip, he knew was good, always smirking before showing it to the crowd.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sorority or Bust (Short Cap)

That's me in the middle. Growing up I had always wanted to be in a Frat, heck I was picking my college based on the Greek Life. Then I had Second Puberty and that all got screwed up, since I was a girl now they said I couldn't join, I had to join a Sorority, what a bunch of bullshit but I figured that I could probably have some great parties anyway so I pledged to Sigma Pi and I got in.  The girls in the picture with me are some of my fellow pledges Crissy and Megan, Megan is the one with the bigger tits, she's a bitch, she's the reason we're all covered in glitter and let me tell you it really does get everywhere...I mean everywhere. She's always showing off those stupid boobs of hers to, flirting with guys right in front of me, it's not fair I keep trying to get laid and she screws me over. I might not be as big but I've got decent boobs and sexy legs. Well we're having a party with a couple of the frats tonight so I'm definitely not going home alone.

Fuck it I'm hot (Short Cap)

Trying something new, rather than long stories just a few short caps to try and get me back in the mood, Enjoy


 At first I dreaded Second Puberty, I didn't wanna change into a girl but the Doctors said there was nothing I could do about it. I was pissed but eventually I opened up to the idea, mostly once I grew some serious tits. Before long I was hot, like gorgeous. I understood one thing, guys liked girls who looked like this, so I hopped on the internet and became an Instagram model, I was making a fortune. I might not have wanted to be a girl but, fuck it when you look this good and make what I was getting from posting sexy pics how can you get upset?