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I would love to write more on and use it as a reference for stories but the site seems to crash all the time, I’m lucky if i can find a 15 min period where it actually works so I can browse it.

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Caption Compliation: Sea Cave

Another new idea, putting a set of caps I did into one story post.
My family was on vacation at a small private island, it was just me, my parents and my younger brother Chris. It was nice to have a quiet seaside island to ourselves for a week. Still this island was rumored to be special, apparently there was some kind of haunted sea cove cave at the beach, my brother was pretty freaked out by it but I wasn't of course I held that fear over his head as big brothers do.

"I'll give you 100 bucks to go in thewre you baby." I smirked "Or are you chicken?"

"Hmm, fine." Chris huffed a bit walking into the darkness.

"You gotta stay in there for five minutes or it doesn't count." I called in to him.

"This place is creepy." I heard him mumble a bit.

That was the last I heard him speak for the rest of the time trial.

"You ain't dead in there are you, time's up you can come out if you want." I said.

"Hmm, yeah." a voice said.

What emerged from the cave was not my brother, but a stunning teenage bikini babe.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"What are you talking about, it's me Chris." she smiled "Something wrong."

"Look at yourself!" I yelled.

"Huh? Whoa!" he gasped in a girlish voice "I'm a girl...and I'm older too!"

"That cave." I looked passed my brother as he examined his new look "What the fuck."

"Hey." the girl held her hand out "I stayed in, pay up."
After stopping Chris from checking out his own body we started to panic, how we were going to explain this to our parents, I figured the best thing to do would to just be honest.

"Oh you boys found the secret of the cave huh?" Mom laughed.

"Guess you wouldn't believe it was haunted forever." Dad chuckled.

"Huh?" I said in confusion "You...knew about this?"

"Of course sweetie, why do you think we bought this island." Mom said "We told you boys that cave was haunted so that you wouldn't wander in, but it seems that you disobeyed us. Come on we'll show you."

Mom and Dad took us to the beach and told us to wait outside the cave, they walked in and about five minutes later two gorgeous teenage bikini models walked out.

"So how does your Dad look?" the one in blue bottoms spun around and playfully wiggled her plump bum.

"Don't forget about Mommy either." the one with the pink bottoms laughed "But you look stunning as ever darling."

"Wait so you're telling me that this cave really is magic?" I asked "You go in and come out as some kind of young bikini model?"

"Yup, it just happens." Mom smiled "And don't worry if you go back in you'll turn back."

"We had planned on telling you boys when Chris was sixteen but since you learned about it early it'll have to be now." Dad joked "So son, why don't you take a step inside?"

I looked into the deep darkness of the cave, I was certainly intrigued by the idea of it all. I took one deep breath and started to walk forward.
With the encouragement of my family I walked deep into the dark cave. It took a few moments but I began to feel something strange, like my body was being wrapped up in a warm towel after a shower. My body shifted and changed, becoming softer and more female as my hair lengthened. I felt tight as my body was covered in a skimpy swimsuit and soon I felt like it was done.

"Wow." I walked out, hips swaying "This is...feels nice."

"A little thicker than the rest of us huh?" Mom laughed "You look good."

"Thanks." I checked out my large bust and womanly hips "This cave's pretty amazing."

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I have a tumblr you can use to suggest pics for stories or see olds pics I've used

Second Puberty Serial: Family Tree

Trying something a little unique this time.
The Carmichael family are a clan of world famous models known for their curves and beauty. Originally made famous by the Matriarch Susan the family has lasted generations in the limelight, there’s one thing everyone knows about the Carmichaels, they’re all curvy and all the boys always come down with Second Puberty, despite medicine saying other wise they insist it just runs in the family.
Recently they even started staring in their own reality show.
Take a look now at this gorgeous family tree.
Birth Name: Mark Carmichael
Current Name: Mark Carmichael
Parents: Susan Carmichael (Mother) and James Carmichael (Father)
Siblings: Stacy Kingston (Sister)
Children: Kevin (Eldest Son), Steven (Second Son), Whitney (Eldest Daughter)

Bio: Mark is the Eldest son of Susan and the first man in the direct family line to go through Second Puberty, after his change he took up plus sized modeling like his mother and sister. He instantly became quite popular. He tends to chew through men like a piranha, having already been divorced three times.
Birth Name: Stacy Carmichael
Current Name: Stacy Kingston
Parents: Susan Carmichael (Mother) and James Carmichael (Father)
Siblings: Mark Carmichael (Brother)
Children: Chris (Eldest Son), Lindsey (Eldest Daughter), Mikey (Second Son), Wendell (Third Son/Eldest Twin), Chloe (Second Daughter/Younger Twin)

Bio: Stacy was always happy with her body; her mother had been large and once her brother changed he was thicker too. She had never planned to model but once her brother started she jumped on too. She later married a photographer and retired from modeling to start a family and later star in their family reality show.
Birth Name: Kevin Carmichael
Current Name: Kevin Marshal
Parents: Mark Carmichael (Mother), Mark’s First Husband (Father)
Siblings: Steven Carmichael (Brother), Whitney Sox (Sister)

Bio: Kevin was of course a little surprised when he changed into a woman but accepted it, his thick body of course ran in the family and he sports a large rump. At first he never thought of modeling but when his Mother approached him about it he tried it out and found out he quite liked it. He later became famous for his dressing room candids and marrying an Actor.
Birth Name: Steven Carmichael
Current Name: Steven Carmichael
Parents: Mark Carmichael (Mother), Mark’s Second Husband (Father)
Siblings: Kevin Marshal, Whitney Sox

Bio: Steven is the middle child of Mark’s three children, he was one of the longest holdouts to get into modeling but when he really needed the money he reached out to his Mother. His body is considered one of the best, mostly because of his large breasts, something that he is somewhat embarrassed about and tends to cover up when not modeling.
Birth Name: Whitney Carmichael
Current Name: Whitney Sox
Parents: Mark Carmichael (Mother), Mark’s Thirst Husband (Father)
Siblings: Kevin Marshal (Brother), Steven Carmichael (Brother)

Bio: Whitney is Mark’s only daughter and his youngest child, she takes after the usual family curves and started modeling about a year or so ago, quickly becoming quite popular for her large rear. In a move shocking most of her family she got married right out of high school to a local quarterback who was being projected high in the mock drafts.
Birth Name: Chris Kingston
Current Name: Chris Claiborne
Parents: Stacy Kingston (Mother), Chris Kingston Sr (Father).
Siblings: Lindsey Cratora (Sister), Mikey VanDoren (Brother), Wendell Kingston (Brother), Chloe Kingston (Sister)

Bio: Chris is Stacy’s eldest son and one of the thicker members of the family. Originally Chris Jr, he went through Second Puberty like his uncle and cousins before him and came out brand new. He took a bit of convincing but once he learned just how much he could make modeling he joined the family business, he’s since gotten married to a photographer, like his mother, and now goes by Chris Claiborne.
Birth Name: Lindsey Kingston
Current Name: Lindsey Cratora
Parents: Stacy Kingston (Mother), Chris Kingston Sr (Father).
Siblings: Chris Claiborne (Brother), Mikey VanDoren(Brother), Wendell Kingston (Brother), Chole Kingston (Sister)

Bio: One of the few natural girls in the family Lindsey happily took after her mother and grandmother once she was of age. Her body had always been a little bigger than most girls but she certainly filled out once she hit her teenage years. She married her high school sweetheart and is currently expecting her first child, and the family’s first Great Grandchild.
Birth Name: Michael Kingston
Current Name: Mikey VanDoren
Parents: Stacy Kingston (Mother), Chris Kingston Sr (Father)
Siblings: Chris Claiborne (Brother), Lindsey Cratora (Sister), Wendell Kingston (Brother), Chloe Kingston (Sister)

Bio: After his Second Puberty Mikey took a bit of a different path compared to his relatives, compared to the swimsuits and dresses they traditionally model the more nerdy Mikey took up adult cosplay modeling. It didn’t take long for him to get to the top of those circles, getting official requests from companies and getting to have all sorts of fun, he later married his costume designer and changed his last name to VanDoren.
Birth Name: Wendell Kingston
Current Name: Wendell Kingston
Parents: Stacy Kingston (Mother, Christ Kingston Sr (Father).
Siblings: Chris Claiborne (Brother), Lindsey Cratora (Sister), Mikey VanDoren (Brother), Chole Kingston (Twin Sister)

Bio: Wendell is the youngest son of Stacy and her husband Chris. He’s the twin brother of Chloe though they don’t look that much alike. He only recently complete his Second Puberty and is still in School though he’s planning on modeling very soon.
Birth Name: Chloe Kingston
Current Name: Chloe Kingston
Parents: Stacy Kingston (Mother), Chris Kingston Sr (Father)
Siblings: Chris Claiborne (Brother), Lindsey Cratora (Sister), Mikey VanDoren (Brother), Wendell Kingston (Twin Brother)

Bio: Chloe is the youngest of the whole family line right now, like her twin brother Wendell she’s still in school but already planning on entering the family business in a few years. She’s not as thick as most of her relatives but recently she’s started to grow into her body as her hips and butt seem to be growing  lot lately.

Second Puberty: Best Friends Dad

I was spending the night at my friend Alan's house, he and I have been best friends since we were little kids, we grew up together, our parents were friends, we're like members of each other's family.

That's why it hit us all out of nowhere when his Dad was diagnosed with the Late Bloomer version or Second Puberty, suddenly his house was in disarray as his father became a woman, his parents divorced after his Mother no longer felt any attraction, most couples stay together through it but Alan's Mom was always kinda a bitch like that I suppose. It was weird to see his Dad, someone who's always been so cool, go though this and turn into a woman, an attractive one at that. It also seemed like his personality had changed just a bit, his Dad was always open about stuff but since become a woman he'd gotten...I guess flirty? I wondered if it was just my imagination the way he'd walk close to me, or bend over, flash a smile and certainly gave me some confusing feelings.

 I still remember the time that I saw him looking in the fridge, his face down and ass up…boy it was a sight that comforted me for many nights.

I woke up in the middle of the night and went to go get a drink when I was surprised to see his Father looking under the sink.

"Oh!" I gasped a bit seeing he was in his underwear.

"Hmm, oh Charlie." he smiled "Sorry did I wake you up, just looking for some cleaner, spilled a little soda on my floor."

"No I was up anyway." I told him "Everything alright."

"Yeah I just wasn't pay attention and bumped my nightstand." he laughed playfully patting his ass "Still getting used to not swinging this thing around."

"Yeah." I chuckled a bit and tried not to stare "So is everything going well for you."

"I'm good, thanks for asking." he smiled "It's taking some adjusting but it's really not so bad. The new feelings are a little strange but...I like them."

"Good, you'll get through this just fine." I smiled.

"I'm sure I will with people like you supporting me." He said with a sensual smile "You know this body has been giving me such weird new urges."

"Mr. Clarke?" I gulped as he got very close.

"You've certainly...grown up" he licked his lips.

I blushed a bit as he took my hand and placed it on his tender hips.

"You know I could use a hand cleaning up that spill." he smirked a bit and playfully bit his finger "Do you mind lending a hand?"

I gulped, was this…really happening.

“I don’t mind.” I blushed.
I let Mr. Clarke go up the stairs first, it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts and look at that juicy rear, holy cow did it wobble. I was unsure if I was really going to go through with it but see that just made it impossible to not follow him, the tent in my boxers confirming my bodies desire
“HMM!” I gasped a bit as the second we entered his room I was pulled into a powerful kiss.
“I’ve wanted you for a long time now, you sleeping here in just your boxers, swimming in the pool, it’s too much.” He licked his plump lips before grabbing my crotch through my boxers “Seems like you want this too.”
“Mr. Clarke should we really be doing this?” I asked as my hands found their way to his wide hips “Alan’s right down the hall.”
“You know how heavy a sleeper he is.” He pulled my boxers down and freed my cock “And call me Mike.”
“Michelle would be more appropriate.” I laughed squeezing his ass.
“Not all Second Puberty victims take a new name you know.” He laughed getting on his knees “Now let’s get started.”
“UGH!” I let out a throaty groan as he licked my cock.
I moaned and hissed bit as Mike started to suck my dick, his long curly blonde hair layered on his shoulders as his head pumped back and forth. I was surprised at how good Mike was at this, the way his tongue glided over my shaft and his hand cupped my balls, all of it made me just shiver with pleasure.
“I always had a feeling you were a big boy.” He playfully kissed the tip “But not this big”
I let out another growl of pleasure and just got ready to let loose at a moment’s notice, I couldn’t believe I was getting sucked off by my friend’s dad turned woman.
“HAAA UGH!” I let out a powerful grunt as I climaxed, shooting spunk all over his face, the white of my sperm clashing with his tanned look.
“Amazing.” He laughed a bit licking some off his lips “It’s sweeter than I would have expected.”
“That was awesome.” I panted a bit.
“Don’t give out yet.” He laid on his bed and waved a finger to beckon me “Come on, we’re not done.”
I laid down half next to him and half on top, we started making out again as I spread his thick thighs and rubbed his pussy thought his underwear.
“HMM That’s good.” He moaned as I swirled my fingers around his pussy, pinching his dick turned clit with my thumb and pointer.
I slipped a digit in and started to finger Mike, the man moaning as I kissed his modest chest at the same time. I could still hear him moaning in my ear as I moved on top of him, my dick lined up with his crotch, without a word I slid forward and entered him.
“Oh! OH YES!” He moaned.
“You’re…so tight.” I growled squeezing him and slowly rocking my hips to start thrusting.
Both of us grew louder, moaning more as we melted into our pleasure, our bodies pressing together like puzzle pieces.
“Harder! Don’t stop!” he moaned “FUCK!”
Both of us were unable to control this raw attraction, our bodies slamming together and getting ready to cum.
“Ugh…I can’t hold it.” I groaned.
“Yes…OH GOD YESS!” He screamed as I blasted inside of him, his warm insides getting flooded with my hot semen.
The two of us laid there for a bit before fucking a few more times and fall asleep. Mike woke us up early so that we wouldn’t have to worry about Alan, he took care of my morning wood too. That wouldn’t be the last time either, I started going to Alan’s house much more often, but not to hang out with my best friend, but my new girlfriend.
Hope you liked it.
Let me know if there’s something you want to see me write about, a new idea or based on a caption.