Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Second Puberty: Big Booty Dad

Things used to be really simple, I lived pretty normal life with my Mom, my Dad and my Sister Kelly, but soon my normal life was flipped upside down.

It turned out my Dad had the Late Bloomer Variety of Second Puberty, in other words the man who fathered my was slowly turning into an attractive girl.
Things were super strange for a while, no one was really sure how to react, Mom still loved dad but him becoming a woman was a sharp change. Suddenly I was the only man in the house and my sister was bonding with our Dad more than ever as he started to become an attractive woman.
Dad didn’t make things easier, he happily embraced his new appearance and started dressing more feminine, occasional dresses, bras, yoga pants. The pants were the major problem, you see Dad had become a bit of a PAWG, a Phat Ass White Girl, His butt was something else, a face my friends frequently let me know.
“I know this is weird man, but your Dad’s hot.” My one friend said.
“His ass is amazing.” Another would say.
The worst part is they were even that subtle about checking him out and admitting her turned them on.

I was no better, I started trying to avoid him, attempting to push the awkward thoughts from my mind, but I mean look at him, could you not just imagine that thing shaking like a bowl of jelly. I was terrible, jerking off to the idea of my Dad, but it was the only way to stop myself from just grabbing his ass.

"Morning." He smiled as I walked into the kitchen and saw his rear smothering a stool.

"Yeah morning." I said grabbing my bag and trying not to stare.
“Oh don’t make any plans tonight your Mom and I need your help with something.” He said.
“Sure.” I shrugged as he walked off, I briefly turned around and caught a glimpse of his big booty.
“Pervert.” My sister Kelly snickered.
“Shut the fuck up.” I groaned.
The day ticked on for a bit, Kelly went to her friend’s house to watch some movie while I was left alone with out parents. I wasn’t sure why they had asked me to stay home though and let Kelly go out.
“Mark?” Mom walked in “Could you come with me.”
“Yeah sure.” I got up from my desk and followed after her.
I followed Mom to her bedroom.
“So what do you need?” I asked.
“Umm…well take a seat.” She smiled sitting on the bed and patting the spot next to her.
“Uhh okay.” I sat next to her “What’s up?”
“Nothing, now this is going to sound a little odd, but just relax and let it happen okay.” She smiled.
Before she could start to answer I heard music pop up, it was a bit of a upbeat techno song. That’s when I saw it, my Dad stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but a bra and a tiny thong.
“W-what the hell?” I gasped.
“I told you, just let it happen.” Mom smirked at me, suddenly in her underwear “Ever since his change your father and I have missed having a man in the bedroom, we were hoping you’d fill in for him.”
“You-What?!” I gasped in shock.
“It’s okay bud, we don’t mind.” Dad turned around and smirked while rubbing his ass “and besides wouldn’t you like to really get some of this, it’s better to touch then to stare at.”
“Besides you already look excited.” Mom pointed at the tent in my pants.
I couldn’t believe it, my parents were trying to fulfil some kind of incest fantasy.
“Hmm.” I squirmed a bit.
“Let’s see if this changes your mind.” Dad wiggled his hips and then started shaking his ass.
“Oh!” I let out a little moan as I saw my Dad start twerking, this thick rump shaking around.
“HMM!” I heard a soft moan next to me and saw my mom with a hand down her panties, rubbing her pussy as she watched Dad shake his ass.
That’s when I decided to stop bothering to put up a fight, I reached into my pants, whipped out my cock and started stroking to the sight of my Dad shaking his ass.
“That’s it pal.” Dad smirked tugging his thong to pull tight in his ass crack.
“Fuck Dad your ass is amazing.” I moaned a bit.
“Yeah it is.” He smirked grinding it on my waist, my hard bare cock rubbing against his cheeks.
“So sexy.” Mom hummed spreading her legs and getting her fingers deep in her pussy.
Dad started making out with Mom while giving me a lap dance, all three of us groaning and moaning. Then we started moving around, Mom sat as the top of the bed with her legs spread wide, Dad was on all fours between her legs, mouth munching on her muff, and there I was at the back, stroking off with one hand and rubbing my Dad’s ass with the other.
“Well?” Dad wobbled his ass a bit “I’m waiting.”
“UGH!” I grunted as I spread his cheeks and pushed my cock into his tight warm hole “OH FUCK!”
“HAAA!”  Dad moaned “There it is! A cock inside me and it’s my son!”
“OHHH!” Mom screamed rubbing her pussy as Dad ate it out and I started fucking him “Yes that’s it fuck your Father!”
“GRRR!” I growled a bit and started thrusting harder, my cock pushing into Dad’s hole.
I started breaking into a sweat as I fucked my Dad, his ass jiggling happily each time I’d thrust into him. My parents of course were moaning as they made out and rubbed Mom’s pussy for fun.
“Oh boy…ugh.” I hissed “I think I’m gonna.
“Yeah me too.” Dad moaned “Cum with me….HAAAA!”
I felt Dad’s pussy tighten up as he climaxed, his snatch milking me dry as I start to cum myself, I instinctively pulled out, ropes of cum flying out and splattering on his sexy ass.
“Oh…oh…” Mom panted.
“That was amazing, thanks son.” Dad smiled at me.
“Yeah.” I casually stroked my cock a bit “Any time.”
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Second Puberty: Farm Grown

"Come on Son it's time to work." Stu called out.

"Aw Jeez Pa." His Son Billy groaned "Can't you put something else on?"

"Sorry can't."

Billy lived on a farm with his parents, everything used to be normal they were just average farm folk, then his Dad turned out to be a Late Bloomer with Second Puberty, a variant of the condition the affects men later in life, and turned from a seasoned farmer to a busty farm girl. His Father's new look was giving Billy fits and making it hard to work.

"Would ya quit staring at my udders?" Stu said "I mean I know they're big and all..."

"Sorry." Billy blushed feeling his erection grow in his pants.

"Well you can't work with that." his father groaned "Hurry up and take care of it...actually."

"PA?!" Billy gasped at his father’s forwardness.

"Wow..." Stu saw his son's penis "Seems if I'm the cow in the family you must be the horse."
“JEEZ!” Billy ran off.
After taking a few minutes to calm down Billy headed back out to the fields to get to work. He bailed some hay and fed the chickens but did take not that his father wasn’t around…that was until he went to the barn and found a shocking sight.
“Oh, you’re so handsy ain’t ya.” Stu chuckled.
“It’s not my fault you grew such sexy tits.” Hanson, a farmhand and friend of Billy said standing behind the farmer and rubbing his big breasts.
“Keep it down ya know.” Stu moaned as his shirt was popped off and his large breasts jiggled free.
Billy watched in shock as his father and friend made out and fondled each other, both shirtless and getting a little sweaty.
“OH!” Stu moaned as Hanson leaned down a flicked his tongue over his nipple, the large nub sending shivers down his spine.
Billy just stood there in awe, an erection forming in his jeans as he watched his friend lick and suck his father’s juicy tits. While getting sucked and fondled Stu reached down and started rubbing the farmhands raging boner through his jeans.
“Hmm.” The sexy blonde farmer smiled “I got two of these things you know, don’t just watch your Pa, come and lend a hand.”
 Billy realized he was standing in the doorway with a powerful erection and now the lovers had seen him.
“Well?” Stu cupped and jiggled his left tit “Come have a taste of this.”
Billy nervously walked over before reaching out and cupping the breast, it was shockingly soft yet firm, his hands digging in and exploring, his father giggling as the two boys played with his breasts.
“You boys sure know how to please a lady.” He moaned as the teens sucked on his tits “I think it’s only fair I return the favor.”
Stu dropped to his knees and yanked the boys’ jeans down, their erect cock springing free.
“Well looky here, seems this farm has a couple stallions.” He licked his lips and started stroking the two.
Billy couldn’t believe this was real, he was standing here with his best friend getting dual handjobs from his now female father.
“UGH!” Billy groaned a bit as his dickhead was licked.
“He’s wild isn’t he.” Hanson grunted a bit as Stu stroked and licked him.
“H-How long have you two been doing this?” Billy stuttered and tried not to moan as his father started to suck his cock, bobbing back and forth between him and Hanson.
“A few weeks now.” The other boy hissed a bit as Stu slid his tongue over his slit “We were working on the tractor when one of his tits fell out…and things just escalated from there.”
“HMM!” Stu moaned.
“Oh…shit yeah that’s it, here it comes.” Hanson groaned suddenly.
“HAAA!” Billy gasped as he felt his balls tingle and start to push out their load.
Both boys groaned and blasted out their semen, the ropes of cum splashing against Stu’s face and breasts, the female father smirking a bit.
“My you boys sure were backed up weren’t ya.” He said licking his lips.
“You were amazing like always.” Hanson panted.
“I…wow.” Billy blushed barely able to believe what had just happened.
“Now why don’t you boys get back to work, if ya do good, there might be another reward at the end of the day.” The blonde smirked cleaning off “Oh, and don’t tell the Missus.”
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Second Puberty: Newly Popular

I was not happy, I had just been diagnosed with Second Puberty and wasn’t looking forward to going back to school with it. I already wasn’t popular and I knew this was only going to lead to more bullying and of course it did, both from guys and girls calling me a sissy and a girl.

It took a while for me to start growing into a girl but it began happening and I hate it, getting softer all over, my air getting longer my face getting more and more feminine. Of course this means more people have started to take notice me.

Then it started, the breasts. It was like over a week I went from flat to stacked. I mean look at these things, they’re huge. This resulted in two bad things, one the guys were now checking me out all the time looking to get a glimpse of my rack, and the girls were super jealous. I was getting asked out all the time, flirted with and hit on…it was awkward for a while but soon I just embraced it and started to climb the social ladder.

By summer I began to get a little more risqué, I’d send out sexy selfies of me in my underwear of bikinis. I’d start to show off the girls and get tons of guys fawning all over me, buying me flowers and gifts all looking to earn my affections. Occasionally one of them would earn my favor and get a little treat, but that’s a story for another time.

By the start of me senior year my transition had stopped and I was a full on sexy babe, my grades had slipped a little but I was still an upper B+ low A- student, I was wildly popular with guys and girls and somehow this condition that I had cursed at the start for the teasing had ended up making me wildly popular. My Social Media blows up with total strangers checking out pics of me. It’s all so wild to go from Zero to Popular.
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