Monday, June 18, 2018

Full Moon 2 (Short Cap)(Series)(Gif)

The heat in my body built up and up until I could barely keep composed. I wheezed and moaned as my body changed, my hair growing out, my stomach and butt softening until a pressure started to build up under my jacket. I couldn't control it as the softness pushed out and out and eventually I just ripped it open and watched stunned as two big breasts wobbled free.

I couldn't believe it, I was a least for the night of the full moon, I would turn back tomorrow but...damn this was unexpected. Dad walked over, his own big tits wobbling around with each step and said I should turn back at sunrise, and that I should expect this to happen on every full moon from now on.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Full Moon 1 (Short Cap) (Series) (GIF)

Dad called me to his room one night saying he had something important to show me. I was a little pissed since it was my birthday but I complied. When I got there he opened his window's curtains and started talking. He said that he was something called a Werewoman, and on full moons he turned into a woman for the night.

I thought this was just another of his lame jokes, but then he started moaning. Suddenly his hair was getting longer and his shirt was stretching out like he was smuggling balloons that had started to fill. His face shifted a bit and soon he let out a big moan as two big breasts burst free.

"Ha...ha..." she panted cupping them "See."

"Wha-why." I gasped "You...why did you show me this?"

"Because it's your birthday, you're finally coming of age as a werewoman." she said.

"What are you-HMM!" I started to feel warm all over.