Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sexy Claus Clause

A Short Christmas Themed Story.
Chris was your basic teenage boy, he liked Christmas but had long since grown out of believing in Santa Claus so Christmas Eve night was just another day for him. His parents had gone to bed so that’s why when he heard shuffling on the stairs he was quite confused.
Slowly his door opened and a gorgeous older woman in red lingerie stepped in.

“What…” Chris gasped.
“Hello.” She smiled “I’ve been waiting for your house all night, the last one.”
“Who are you?” he asked.
“Me?” She brushed her large bosom “I’m Sexy Claus of course, and I’m here to make your night sweetie.”
Chris didn’t get another word out as the super MILF climbed into bed with him, pulling him into a kiss and encouraging him to examine her body. Since he was convinced this was a dream he went along without much trouble, rubbing her breasts and her large behind, Sexy Claus moaning as she helped him disrobe.
“My aren’t you a big boy.” She giggled stroking his cock to an erection “You’re perfect for me.”
“Just what are you?” Chris asked as she started to lick his cock.
“I’m like Santa but for very, very good boys and girls.” She smirked her mature face.
Once Chris was good and hard Sexy Clause slipped her body around and lowered her ass down, letting him slide into her pussy and fuck her.
“Hmm that’s good.” She moaned as her breasts jiggled around “Oh don’t stop!”
Chris grunted and squeezed her ass as he thrusted into her harder and harder, he had a big cock which was more than enough to please the woman who was shaking up and down, bouncing on his manhood.
“YES!” she screamed “OHH Get Ready! Everything is about to change!”
“Huh?” Chris was confused “UGH!”
He groaned as he started cumming inside her, Sexy Clause let out a loud moan as she too climaxed and then…she burst into powdery dust.
“What the fuck?” Chris gasped as the woman was suddenly gone, his bed covered in a glittery dust and a note.
“Congratulations.” The note read “I’m officially retired and since you’re my last fuck…”
“HAA!” Chris moaned as he started to feel strange.
His hair was growing long, his chest slowly softened and rose out from his chest as his cock shriveled into him leaving smooth folds. His clothes morphed into sexy red woman’s underwear and things she seemed strange.
“You’re Sexy Claus now.” The note glowed “The sexy elves will come get you to bring to the South Pole later, don’t worry, it’s a great job, I’ll be retiring to Maui to fuck all the lifeguards I can find!”

Chris looked at her new body, she was very sexy with a large butt and big soft breasts but…how and why was she a woman now.

“What the fuck?” she yelled.
“You must be the new Sexy Claus. You see when Sexy Claus wants to retire it invokes the Sexy Claus Clause and makes the last person she fucks on Christmas Eve night into the new Sexy Clause” A cute very erotic elf climbed in the window

 “I’m Jingle you’re personal assistant Elf, please come quickly, your sexy chariot awaits.

Outside on the lawn was a big red sleigh pulled by two sexy reindeer girls.

“Don’t worry you get a lot of days off.” Jingle laughed leading Chris outside.
Hope you liked it.
Merry Christmas.

Friday, September 29, 2017

TG Story: Undercover

I’m back
"Enough Hiding Franklin, come on."

I stepped out of the Morphing Chamber. I am Agent Franklin, I work for a government group that's meant to catch corporate spies. With the advent of so many new technologies the office landscape has gotten more ruthless and corporate espionage has seriously picked up, so when we get tips I go undercover and try and sniff out evidence.

In order to do this I frequently have to change my appearance, it's a rare job and a tough one but I'm used to it.

"What's the problem?" Johnson, my handler asked "You've turned into a woman dozens of times."

"Yeah but I've never been so big." I looked down at my deep cleavage and cupped my massive bust "These are some big tits. Well what's the deal with this look?"

"The CEO of Gen-Tech has an opening at Secretary, apparently the old man has a thing for rather well endowed girls." He told me "Try and see if you can get some extra access."

"Oh trust me, with these I'll have all the evidence I need by the end of the week, I'm good at being a convincing woman." I laughed "Sides I'll need to work fast or I'm gonna break my back."
Getting in and undercover was know issue, as was flirting with Mr. Smith the boss, I had to get into his files and the fastest way to do that was to get in his pants, thankfully for me he was a creep of an old man always staring at my tits or patting my ass when I bent over,
“Oh Mr. Smith.” I gasped a bit as he held my hips and pressed his crotch against my skit covered rear “We…shouldn’t do something like that.”
“The office is empty, everyone’s gone home for the night.” He said pulling open my blouse.”
“HMM!” I gasped as he kissed me.
Ugh gross.
I wanted this done ASAP, I sat on the edge of his desk and let him suck and lick my big tits, one hand was downstairs stroking himself off while the other was squeezing one of my tits.
“Don’t keep me waiting.” I laid back, my breasts wobbling on my chest “OHHAA!”
I moaned as he pushed his meaty cock into my eager pussy, grabbed my hips and started fucking me. Part of me was disgusted by this guy fucking me, normally when I have to do this it’s with young CEO’s not older guys like this, but frankly the wobbling of my extra-large bust was turning me on.
“HMM!” I moaned as my tits slapped me in the face “OH!!”
I was surprised at how long this old timer was lasting, but I could feel him getting ready to bust in me, my pussy twisted and twitched as it was suddenly flooded with cum. It took a few more go arounds to get the old guy to pass out on the couch in his office but once he was down I was free to snoop and get the evidence I needed.
“Well that’s that.” I said picking up a folder and buttoning my blouse back up “Thanks for the fuck, it was nice but I think I’m taking a break from tits this big, my back hurts like a mother fucker.”
Hope you liked it.
Let me know if there’s something you want to see me write about, a new idea or based on a caption.

Thursday, August 17, 2017 constant issue

I would love to write more on and use it as a reference for stories but the site seems to crash all the time, I’m lucky if i can find a 15 min period where it actually works so I can browse it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Caption Compliation: Sea Cave

Another new idea, putting a set of caps I did into one story post.
My family was on vacation at a small private island, it was just me, my parents and my younger brother Chris. It was nice to have a quiet seaside island to ourselves for a week. Still this island was rumored to be special, apparently there was some kind of haunted sea cove cave at the beach, my brother was pretty freaked out by it but I wasn't of course I held that fear over his head as big brothers do.

"I'll give you 100 bucks to go in thewre you baby." I smirked "Or are you chicken?"

"Hmm, fine." Chris huffed a bit walking into the darkness.

"You gotta stay in there for five minutes or it doesn't count." I called in to him.

"This place is creepy." I heard him mumble a bit.

That was the last I heard him speak for the rest of the time trial.

"You ain't dead in there are you, time's up you can come out if you want." I said.

"Hmm, yeah." a voice said.

What emerged from the cave was not my brother, but a stunning teenage bikini babe.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"What are you talking about, it's me Chris." she smiled "Something wrong."

"Look at yourself!" I yelled.

"Huh? Whoa!" he gasped in a girlish voice "I'm a girl...and I'm older too!"

"That cave." I looked passed my brother as he examined his new look "What the fuck."

"Hey." the girl held her hand out "I stayed in, pay up."
After stopping Chris from checking out his own body we started to panic, how we were going to explain this to our parents, I figured the best thing to do would to just be honest.

"Oh you boys found the secret of the cave huh?" Mom laughed.

"Guess you wouldn't believe it was haunted forever." Dad chuckled.

"Huh?" I said in confusion "You...knew about this?"

"Of course sweetie, why do you think we bought this island." Mom said "We told you boys that cave was haunted so that you wouldn't wander in, but it seems that you disobeyed us. Come on we'll show you."

Mom and Dad took us to the beach and told us to wait outside the cave, they walked in and about five minutes later two gorgeous teenage bikini models walked out.

"So how does your Dad look?" the one in blue bottoms spun around and playfully wiggled her plump bum.

"Don't forget about Mommy either." the one with the pink bottoms laughed "But you look stunning as ever darling."

"Wait so you're telling me that this cave really is magic?" I asked "You go in and come out as some kind of young bikini model?"

"Yup, it just happens." Mom smiled "And don't worry if you go back in you'll turn back."

"We had planned on telling you boys when Chris was sixteen but since you learned about it early it'll have to be now." Dad joked "So son, why don't you take a step inside?"

I looked into the deep darkness of the cave, I was certainly intrigued by the idea of it all. I took one deep breath and started to walk forward.
With the encouragement of my family I walked deep into the dark cave. It took a few moments but I began to feel something strange, like my body was being wrapped up in a warm towel after a shower. My body shifted and changed, becoming softer and more female as my hair lengthened. I felt tight as my body was covered in a skimpy swimsuit and soon I felt like it was done.

"Wow." I walked out, hips swaying "This is...feels nice."

"A little thicker than the rest of us huh?" Mom laughed "You look good."

"Thanks." I checked out my large bust and womanly hips "This cave's pretty amazing."