Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Second Puberty: Getting Out Of A Ticket

After Graduation my Girlfriend and I were going on a long trip to see a band we liked, it was a chance to get away, you see I recently finished battling Second Puberty and turning into a girl so this was something I was looking forward too.

Then on a back country road we got pulled over by a young cop who probably hadn't been on the force for even a year.

"Don't worry babe follow my lead." My Girlfriend smiled.

The cop asked for the usual stuff, license and registration.

"This your license?" he asked "Cause this has a picture of a man."

"Oh I have Second Puberty." I said "I just haven't gotten it updated yet."

"It's true officer." My girlfriend said "He used to be my boytoy and now he's my big booty bitch, come on babe get out and show him."

I saw what she was getting at, I quickly got out, leaned on the car and started shaking my fat ass, my cheeks slapping under my tight pants. The cop was clearly flustered as I teased him with my rump.

"Look at this thing." my girlfriend playfully slapped it "We're heading to a concert and he's gonna shake it all night long!"

"Sorry about everything." I stopped dancing "I promise I'll update my license."

“I don’t know.” He walked up and started rubbing my ass with his hands, fingers digging into my juicy rump “How can I be sure you’re not going to forget.”

“Maybe if you make sure this is a memorable moment he won’t forget.” My girlfriend smiled pulling my pants down my thick legs.

We stood there on the side of the road, me moaning as my fat ass was rubbed, jiggled and slapped by my girlfriend and a cop. I kept shaking my hips a bit, waves rolling through my rear as my panties were pulled down and the cop started to undo his belt and drop his pants, whipping out a sizable and hard erection.

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening but then I felt my pussy spread softly as a thick cock entered me, hands grabbed my waist and started pulling my back as thrusts made the cops hips slam into me. I leaned on the car more, moaning as I was fucked on the side of a country road.

“OH GOD!” I moaned as the cop thrusted faster and faster, grunting a bit at the size of the shaft.
“You’re tighter than I would have thought.” He said spanking my butt.

“Fuck babe.” My girlfriend was sitting in the passenger seat rubbing her pussy, fingers plunging into her pussy like a piston.

The three of us were moaning, me getting railed, I had already forgotten that this was about getting out of a ticket, and frankly this felt so good I didn’t care.

“Yes…yes…OHHH!” I felt my legs start to shake and go weak as my body was rocked with an orgasm.

“HMPH!” I heard the cop grunt as start cumming inside me.

I leaned on the car, cum dripping down my legs as the cop pulled his pants back up.

“Alright, you ladies get on your way and be careful.” He said walking off.

“Fuck…” I panted and looked at my girlfriend “Do you always get out of tickets like that?”
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