Saturday, April 29, 2017

Second Puberty Story: A Son with Second Puberty

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"Hey Dad." my son Mikey came down the stairs "Are my bras dry yet?"
" not yet." I gulped looking at him.
"Alright we’ll I’ll just where this one then.” He threw a t-shirt on “I’m heading out, be back later.”
Mikey went out the door, his chest bouncing all the way. I looked at the clothes I was folding, half the basket was big F-cup bras that my son wore. You see up until a few months ago I was the single father of a teenage son until a few months ago when we discovered he had second puberty and started becoming a girl...a very busty girl. His hair got so long and his face so sexy, his chest sticking out and bouncing, he was stunningly beautiful.
This makes things awkward for me since my son has a sexy model like body. At first it was really awkward because he was still having boyish habits like walking around shirtless with his tits out. Luckily a few weeks back he started wearing bras so at least I didn't have to see them, still it's really awkward to see him walking around the house in those huge bras. Not to mention he's running me into the poor house with the costs of him still growing.
I knew it was wrong that I was having these erotic feelings about him but I just found them so hard to suppress, I looked at the big black bra in my hands and felt my pants tighten. If he wasn’t home right now this was my only time, I lost control, took that sexy black cotton bra upstairs, laid it out on my bed, dropped my pants and started stroking.
“UGH!” I groaned a bit as I jerked it faster and faster, the aura of the black cups drawing me in.
I could just imagine it, Mikey laying on his back, arms under his big tits, pushing them up and smirking as I jerked off to his soft mounds.
“OH HGNH!” I groaned a little more as I felt my insides twisting, body preparing to climax.
The idea that I was jerking it to my own son who became a girl only seemed to tease me on more and more, my body crying out with need.
“HAAA!” I gasped as my cock twitched and started to blow it’s load, shooting ropes of my seed all over the bra, some landing on the sheets of my bed.
I stood there, pants around my ankles, hint of shame running through me…but also a lot more excitement.
“I guess I’ll have to do the laundry again.” I sighed stripping the bed and picking up the now cum stained bra.
A Few Weeks Later
I had started to become more aggressive when it came to my attraction to Mikey, I found myself unable to hold back. Anytime he was out I’d end up jerking off onto his bras or just looking at them. I had been even worse, occasionally peeking into his room to watch him change, I was pretty much addicted to trying to see those tits.
Today I was hiding out in a bathroom closet as Mikey stepped in to take a shower.
“HAA~” Mikey sighed pulling his hair out of the ponytail he had it tied in.
I did my best to remain as quiet as possible as I watched him undress. The next thing he did was take off his t-shirt, he pulled it over his head and briefly caught his breasts, causing them to jiggle and drop a bit and after that he slipped out of his shorts now standing there in just a pair of soft white bra and panties.
I had to bit my lip so I didn’t moan as her undressed more, exposing his huge tits and bare butt, for the first time I saw his bare pussy and the tiny little nub above it that was the remnant of his former penis.
Mikey turned on the shower and stepped in, the hot water making him shiver a bit, it was down right pornographic as he soaped himself up and started washing, hands gliding over his ample melons, sliding down his smooth tummy, shampooing his sexy noire hair. It was all so amazing I couldn’t help but rub myself though my shorts.
He eventually stepped out of the shower and that’s when I noticed how much Mikey had taken to being female, her dried and wrapped his hair in a towel, wrapped his body like a girl from breasts to crotch and even checked his face in the mirror for pimples.
Once I was sure he’d left I stepped out of the closet, my groin throbbing with an erection, needless to say I bolted to my room to take care of that.
A Few Weeks Later
I had suspected it for a while but I saw it today.
I was preparing to check the laundry when I heard the moans, I peeked into Mikey’s room and saw him at the foot of the bed, on his knees sucking his friend Danny’s cock, his tits wrapped around the base of the rod.
“Fuck.” Danny groaned “Your tits are so soft.”
“Keep it down or my Dad’s gonna hear you.” Mikey hissed licking the shaft “Now come on you’ve been taking this for a while, you can cum can’t you?”
“UGH!” Danny groaned “Dude when did you get so good at these?”
“I’ve been practicing a lot.” Mikey smirked “You’d be stunned how easy it is to seduce guys with tits like these.”
The two went back to their coupling, Mikey sucking his friend off for a few more minutes, I just kneeled there looking though the crack in the door, hand in my shorts stroking a bit as I watched the show.
“HMM!” Danny groaned “I think I’m gonna…HAAA!”
The cock twitched and Danny busted all over Mikey’s tits, streaks of white clashing with his tan skin.
“Wow, when was the last time you jerked off dude, you came so much.” Mikey smirked running a finger over his left breast and licking it clean of cum.
“Gross.” Danny joked.
“What I like it.” Mikey giggled.
A Few Weeks Later
I was laying on my bed, cock covered in lotion, pumping my hand as I jerked off to my usual thoughts of my son and his massive tits. He had gone out shopping and here I was on the bed jerking off to the idea of him trying on sexy bras.
“UGH~” I groaned a bit and leaned my head back with my eyes closed, my right hand still pumping away as my left held one of Mikey’s bras up to my nose.
“Hey Dad can I get some money I need to buy some-Wah!”
“AH!” I quickly tried to cover myself “I-!”
“We’re you…jerking off with one of my bras?” Mikey scoffed with a little smirk.
“It’s not-.”
“Hmm.” He laughed with a bit of a hum “You’re so naughty Dad. I mean, I just thought you were sneaking peeks but this too.”
“You’re not as quiet as you think.” He smirked and licked his lips “But I never would have thought my Dad would have such a big cock.”
“HA!” I gasped when he grabbed my cock “Stop!”
“Why are you jerking off, all you had to do was ask for the real thing.”
“UGH!” I grunted as he dropped his head and took a powerful suck of my cock.
“Second Puberty is amazing.” Mikey smirked stroking my cock “Not only did it make me a sexy babe it made me so horny too.”
I was helpless, enamored so much I couldn’t stop him from sucking my cock. He pulled his shirt off and dropped his bra, his big soft tits jiggling free.
“They’re great aren’t they.” He smiled cupping them and wrapping them around my dick “My big…soft…round tits.”
“They’re amazing.” I groaned as he started giving me a tit fuck.
Mikey just laughed, shaking his tits up and down faster and faster, my body unable to hold back.
“Ha…ha…I’m gonna…”
“Let it out…” he licked his lips and pouted “Daddy~”
“UGH!” I groaned and moaned, my cock twitching and blasting out ropes of cum all over his face and tits.
“Wow nice load.” He laughed before taking some money from my wallet “Well I’m off to go shopping Daddy, bye.”
I just laid on the bed half naked, somewhat turned on, mostly embarrassed.
“What’s happened to my life.” I sighed.
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