Friday, September 29, 2017

TG Story: Undercover

I’m back
"Enough Hiding Franklin, come on."

I stepped out of the Morphing Chamber. I am Agent Franklin, I work for a government group that's meant to catch corporate spies. With the advent of so many new technologies the office landscape has gotten more ruthless and corporate espionage has seriously picked up, so when we get tips I go undercover and try and sniff out evidence.

In order to do this I frequently have to change my appearance, it's a rare job and a tough one but I'm used to it.

"What's the problem?" Johnson, my handler asked "You've turned into a woman dozens of times."

"Yeah but I've never been so big." I looked down at my deep cleavage and cupped my massive bust "These are some big tits. Well what's the deal with this look?"

"The CEO of Gen-Tech has an opening at Secretary, apparently the old man has a thing for rather well endowed girls." He told me "Try and see if you can get some extra access."

"Oh trust me, with these I'll have all the evidence I need by the end of the week, I'm good at being a convincing woman." I laughed "Sides I'll need to work fast or I'm gonna break my back."
Getting in and undercover was know issue, as was flirting with Mr. Smith the boss, I had to get into his files and the fastest way to do that was to get in his pants, thankfully for me he was a creep of an old man always staring at my tits or patting my ass when I bent over,
“Oh Mr. Smith.” I gasped a bit as he held my hips and pressed his crotch against my skit covered rear “We…shouldn’t do something like that.”
“The office is empty, everyone’s gone home for the night.” He said pulling open my blouse.”
“HMM!” I gasped as he kissed me.
Ugh gross.
I wanted this done ASAP, I sat on the edge of his desk and let him suck and lick my big tits, one hand was downstairs stroking himself off while the other was squeezing one of my tits.
“Don’t keep me waiting.” I laid back, my breasts wobbling on my chest “OHHAA!”
I moaned as he pushed his meaty cock into my eager pussy, grabbed my hips and started fucking me. Part of me was disgusted by this guy fucking me, normally when I have to do this it’s with young CEO’s not older guys like this, but frankly the wobbling of my extra-large bust was turning me on.
“HMM!” I moaned as my tits slapped me in the face “OH!!”
I was surprised at how long this old timer was lasting, but I could feel him getting ready to bust in me, my pussy twisted and twitched as it was suddenly flooded with cum. It took a few more go arounds to get the old guy to pass out on the couch in his office but once he was down I was free to snoop and get the evidence I needed.
“Well that’s that.” I said picking up a folder and buttoning my blouse back up “Thanks for the fuck, it was nice but I think I’m taking a break from tits this big, my back hurts like a mother fucker.”
Hope you liked it.
Let me know if there’s something you want to see me write about, a new idea or based on a caption.