Thursday, April 5, 2018

Family Through Thick and Thin

In some freak twist of fate my Dad and I were both diagnosed with Second Puberty around the same time. One Positive is that it was less awkward since we both were becoming girls together. Though we both became very different girls, I was much slimmer with long legs and a slender frame, Dad on the other hand was on the thicker side with a sizable rear and large breasts. Suddenly our house went from Two guys and a girl to just all women.

Mom, who had been a photographer, convinced both of us to pose for a magazine shoot she was doing. Dad and I were both nervous but...we looked good and the face that we were so popular was great too.

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  1. I liked the story very much

    and I think the wife and mother of the two. is having a lot of fun with the transformation of them n////n