Thursday, May 3, 2018

Best Friends Boat (Story)

When I first got diagnosed with Second puberty things got awkward between my and my friend Mark real quick, here I was becoming a pretty sexy girl and our friendship which we had since second grade was getting awkward, neither of us were sure how to react to each other.

I was thinking things were turning around when he invited me to spend an afternoon on his parents boat,, we'd go out on the bay, have a few drinks, stuff like that. Since I was a girl now I was wearing girl's clothes, and since it was hot I was putting on a bikini, one that hugged my ass. I guess Mark wasn't expecting that since he was clearly uncomfortable and honestly I was kinda too, there was something cute about how flustered he got.

"Alright enough." I flipped my long hair back and wiggled my hips "Go ahead."

"What?" he gasped.

"If you like my ass so much go ahead and do whatever you want, smack it, squeeze it, what ever you want dude it's all yours."

He clearly wasn't sure at first is I was yanking his chain or now, but before long his hands reached out and gave my behind a squeeze enough to make me gasp.

"Dude your ass is insane." he jiggled it softly, giving it light smacks.

"Hmm, oh fuck that feels good." I moaned  back as he slid my bottoms to the side, his hand rubbing my pussy "Mmm!"

His hands were exploring the inside of my crack, a finger rubbing my wet slit as I saw him pulling his trunks down and lining up.

"Oh do it." I smirked "You talked a big game about all the chicks you laid, time to see if you live up to the talk."

"I'm no liar babe." he pushed into me.

"HAAA!" I let out a loud moaned and gripped the side of the boat as he held my hips and I adjusted to his size.

Mark started pounding me from behind, my ass clapping against his crotch as her fucked me, I was still barely able to believe that my first fuck as a girl was coming from my friend on a boat in the middle of the water.

"HMM Fuck yes!" I moaned pulling the cup of my bikini over to to let my right D-cup tit wobble as her got fuck "Ha...OHH!"

"Dude...UGH!" Mark groaned as his cock splurted inside me "That was incredible."

"It was." I smirked sitting in his lap as he rubbed my ass "I'm glad we got that tension out...but we've got the boat all day right?"

He seemed to be catching on since his cock was getting hard agaisnt my thigh.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.

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  1. This was... sweet. Not many other captions end in this manner. Great work all around. :)