Friday, May 4, 2018

Getting Away From Work (Short Cap)

My husband is a workaholic, all he ever cares about is his job but it always stresses him out. I finally convinced him to take some time off and clear his head with me. I booked up a trip to Swap Island but when we got there I ended up in the body of a younger guy while he was in some college girl with a serious booty. I was sure he was going to want to go home, especially when I woke up on the first day and he was already out of bed, I was worried he was trying to use his phone and call work or something, but thankfully he was just grabbing a cup of coffee and watching the boat come in with the latest group of vacationers. 

Apparently just being in this body made him feel refreshed and he was looking forward to the week now, he already had a bikini on and everything. Of course I loved that he was relaxing, and my body loved how good he looked, but I would bring up the prospect of that later.


  1. if they gave me that body to vacation I would also be wearing a swimsuit like that. and looking for fun n///n

  2. She deep throated his cock until he was ready to fuck her. Watch hot movies

  3. At the end of the week they both extended the vacation another 3 weeks but two days before it was time to go home she got pregnant and the island could not change her back unless they killed the baby so the husband stayed a woman and the wife stayed the guy they went home and had to explain to everyone both were now 20yrs younger and going to start a family. The Island gave them new ID's and their old jobs had to keep them on. but the new wife took maternity leave along with her full Vacation and PTO, She was able to enjoy the hole pregnancy the new Husband had to go back to work as a professor at a college but the funny thing he was as old as the kids he was teaching.