Monday, June 18, 2018

Full Moon 2 (Short Cap)(Series)(Gif)

The heat in my body built up and up until I could barely keep composed. I wheezed and moaned as my body changed, my hair growing out, my stomach and butt softening until a pressure started to build up under my jacket. I couldn't control it as the softness pushed out and out and eventually I just ripped it open and watched stunned as two big breasts wobbled free.

I couldn't believe it, I was a least for the night of the full moon, I would turn back tomorrow but...damn this was unexpected. Dad walked over, his own big tits wobbling around with each step and said I should turn back at sunrise, and that I should expect this to happen on every full moon from now on.


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  2. When his dad walked over with his massive tits and started to tell me how life would be for me as the son of a wearwoman. I learned but the biggest lesson was when my dad started to suck on my new tits and when this happens we became lovers that night. I know if I ever need some one on a full more to make love to me my mom and her massive tits will always be their.